A wide range of Intralogistics Sytems to suit transport of a great variety of goods

In order to satisfy the great variety of requests from our customers  with large size production sites, e.g. in the  automotive, aerospace, fashion, mechanics, etc..  industry fields, we can provide a wide range of intralogistics systems for carrying all types of trolleys in an efficient and safe way.

These Intralogistics sytems can be pulled by an INDEVA® TUGGER AGV or by any other AGV in your shopfloor.

"E" carts

The “E” carts are perfect to move different types of loads without special adjustments. It can transport two trolleys at the same time or a single big trolley (about max 1200 x 800 mm).

"C" carts

The “C” carts allows quick, ergonomic and safe exchange of containers on production lines. It could be provided with max dimension 1600 x 1200 mm.

Composition E+C carts

Carts may be composed and oriented as a train. With these compositions you can use your carts to service your production line. Other configurations on request (“V” carts, “H” turntables and custom trolleys).