Modular structures made to your specific requirements

With INDEVA Lean System® it is possible to create modular structures suitable for implementing the principles of Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen philosophy. The structures can be made of either coated steel or aluminium profiles, thus offering great versatility and adaptability to different production requirements. Coated steel guarantees superior durability and robustness, ideal for work environments that require strong and reliable structures, while structures made of aluminium profiles are light and easy to handle, allowing greater flexibility and ease of assembly and reorganisation.

INDEVA Lean System® is therefore the ideal tool for companies aiming to optimise their occupied space and the process of continuous improvement. With a choice of coated steel or aluminium, companies can configure modular structures to maximise space efficiency and adapt quickly to changes in production lines. This system facilitates the adoption of Lean principles, reducing waste and improving operational efficiency, and supports the Kaizen philosophy, enabling continuous and gradual improvement of production processes.

In conclusion, INDEVA Lean System® represents a versatile and flexible solution for companies wishing to implement Lean Manufacturing and the Kaizen philosophy, contributing significantly to space optimisation and continuous improvement.


A supermarket in an industrial production site is the location where a preset standard inventory is kept to supply downstream processes.

Gravity fed flow racks

Flow racks, also known as first-in-first-out (“FIFO”) racks or gravity racks or gravity-fed rack (“GFR”).

Work station

Waiting time, repetitive strain and uncomfortable positions will be only a sad memory for the operator that use INDEVA Lean System® modular work stations!

Train set - Tugger carts

INDEVA Lean System® modular tugger carts can be used in a train set or individually for being towed by an AGV.

Kitting trolleys

Thanks to 3D simulation we can provide a wide range of tailor-made storage solutions and exhibitors.

Shooter trolleys

Shooter trolleys made with INDEVA Lean System® allow handling heavy loads and move them from one trolley to another one or from one fixed structure to a cart, through an efficient gravity fed sliding system.

Welded structures

INDEVA Design & Manufacture welded structures according to customers specifications.

Work in process carts

INDEVA Lean System® is ideal for the design and assembly of in-house material handling carts.

Dunnage bags for kitting

INDEVAs Dunnage bags combines the strength & versatility for handling sensitive parts.