Flow racks, also known as first-in-first-out (“FIFO”) racks or gravity racks or gravity-fed rack (“GFR”).

Gravity fed flow racks

INDEVA Lean System® is ideal for  creating modular gravity fed flow racks for different applications. Using modular flow racks increases your production workflow efficiency, improves picking efficiency, provides ergonomic pick-face replenishment as the inventory is always at the front and reduces production costs, so achieving a Lean Manufacturing flow.

A great variety of custom configurations are possible for gravity fed flow racks made with INDEVA Lean System® ; you can design and build your flow rack easily and quickly, and you can reuse same components to create a different structure when new production needs arise.

Flow racks made with INDEVA Lean System® offer:

  • Customization – you can design your flow rack to perfectly suit your inventory and functional requirements, and optimize ergonomics, footprint, etc..
  • Adaptability – as  all structures made with INDEVA Lean System® can be n easily and quickly modified as new inventory is introduced.
  • Modularity – modular flow racks can easily be integrated with other INDEVA Lean System® modular structures such as work stations, work in process carts, etc..
  • Mobility – flow racks can be equipped with our casters and be easily moved where needed.
  • ESD Compatibility – they can be built using INDEVA Lean System® ESD compatible pipes and accessories.

Photo gallery gravity fed flow racks:

Video gallery gravity fed flow racks: